High temperature air-water heat pumps

Download a product data sheet – up to -20C

High temperature air-water heat pumps with the EVI system generate heat even at -20C and are capable of heating water to +55C!!

They usually operate in places where ordinary air pumps are not sufficient. They may be basic and sole heating devices for central heating and hot service water in buildings of very good insulation.
They are particularly recommended for the modernization of older heating systems based on high-temperature radiators and may also replace oil, coal, and gas boilers
EVI-20 model is produced particularly for the Northern Europe and Nordic markets, where higher heating parameters are necessary at very low ambient temperatures.

EVI models are available in the following range of powers:

EXT12EVI / 12kW
EXT13EVI / 14kW

Every unit is fitted with SCROLL type compressors with EVI system of so-called two-step gas compression (Hitachi or Copeland), plate heat exchangers (SWEP AISIN 316) made of stainless steel, expansion valves (Alco thermal, Emerson), Emerson filters, and automatic control systems and controllers (Siemens, Carel).
The housing has been soundproofed with sound absorbing material; therefore, Exotherm heat pumps are characterised by quiet operation. SCROLL compressors are mounted on special shock absorbers that minimise vibrations and provide complete user comfort.
The applied controllers give an option to combine the automatic controls of the device with the Internet; owing to this solution, an owner and the headquarters of the firm may check the correct operation of the system and forecast and detect any irregularities in operation even at long distances, which is very convenient, particularly during a warranty period.

Siemens and Carel controllers applied in Exotherm pumps offer a range of central heating temperature controls with:

Each and every Exotherm heat pump comes with the so-called hot service water priority.

In order to provide the safety of the electrical and gas system operation, the following solutions are applied: