Knowledge and experience

We have long experience in the heating and cooling sector.

We have implemented our systems in detached houses, multi-family houses, service buildings, hotels, and industrial facilities. We provide any and all information and consulting related to the construction and operation of heat pumps free of charge. Owing to our rich experience in the sector, we can answer each and every question.

Solid warranty

We provide the 2-year warranty on all our products.

We provide the 2-year warranty on all our products. Our servicemen hold refrigeration engineering qualifications and long professional experience in operating high-pressure systems and industrial automatic control systems. If the repair of a device is not possible, we replace every system with a new one.

Safety and reliability

Heat pumps do not require the installation of chimneys, gas connections or gas and oil tanks.

Heat pumps are among the safest heating devices used in residential facilities. The life of heat pumps is estimated at about 30-40 years.

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Our company has been a leader in supplies of heat pumps on the European market for a number of years. The core business of our firm is the production and distribution of heat pumps, water tanks, and solar systems.

At present, heat pumps are state-of-the-art heating devices in Europe, which use free energy available in air, ground, and water, thus providing users with lowest costs of heating buildings and complete energy self-reliance.

If you are considering the use of a modern heating system in your home or company or want to modernise the present heating system, heat pumps will guarantee the highest thermal comfort, service-free operation and convenience for a few dozen years. By installing our systems, you can reduce the costs of heating and hot service water by as much as 80% compared to conventional heating systems. Moreover, in the summer season, the system gives an opportunity to cool premises.

Heat pumps used to be available to only a narrow group of users in previous years; therefore, we consider our greatest achievement to be the creation of a heat pump line with purchase costs comparable to a solid fuel boiler. Owing to this, we have created an opportunity to use the cheapest heating energy and the guarantee of thermal comfort to families that live far from large urban agglomerations.

At present, with our offer each and every home owner can afford the benefits that stem from having a heat pump.

The idea of our Company is to promote ecological and reliable heat pumps that are available to everyone and are produced up to the highest global standards.

By putting this idea into practice, we have created three classes of products:

A series of products based on modern but simple cooling systems, basic automatic controls and functions.

A high class series of products based on the best available cooling components with developed automatic controls and a superior design.

The top class of products offered by our firm, custom-made for very demanding clients.

Co-financing of heat pumps

It is possible to gain co-financing for the purchases of our products and services offered by the following institutions:


We are recommended by Bank Ochrony Środowiska as a seller of ecological products. For more information, please visit



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We deliver our goods with our means of transport or commission deliveries from specialised carriers with long experience in the transport of cooling equipment. Lead time: 3 days from crediting a payment.

VAT invoices

We issue invoices with 23%, 8% and 0% VAT rate

Loans with co-financing

We work closely with Bank Ochrony Środowiska. We help our clients in taking a loan with co-financing from the National Fund for Environmental Protection (NFOŚ).